Karinan International understands your air transport and logistics challenges and has created and delivered unique customized air logistics solutions that meet the complex transport and shipping requirements you require.

Space Logistics - To infinity and beyond?

As the space industry continues to explore the kingdom from around the world, there are critical planning and related logistical requirements to ensure that missions are completed on time and on schedule. Logistics is an important part of the process, whether it is the operation of launch satellites or the urgent need for the necessary space mission equipment. Karinan International can support your project in terms of mobility, warehousing and related supply chain requirements for your materials.

Understanding your aerospace supply chain challenges

We manage all your needs in the field of aviation logistics with precise air traffic control and map every opportunity in your supply chain. Our focus on critical communication offers our clients unrivaled insight into the supply chain and security from start to finish. We know that the aerospace industry has its own set of unique logistics challenges and Karinan International is a global partner with proven expertise unique in aviation supply chain solutions. Our aviation logistics team is ready 24/7/365 to deliver secure and reliable supply chain solutions. The Karinan International Aerospace vertical team is here to support you!