Cruise Logistics, Marine Solutions & Hospitality Services

Cruise Logistics, Marine Solutions & Hospitality Services

Providing logistics expertise to the Cruise, Marine, and Hospitality industries, Crane Worldwide provides a dynamic approach to creating customized supply chain solutions to solve your logistics challenges.

Our dedicated logistics team fully understands the challenging supply chain environment of the cruise, maritime, and hospitality industry. Coordinating the delivery of essential supplies to the next port of call or a crucial shipment of parts to repair a broken engine, our team will respond with a sense of urgency, enabling our clients to provide the ultimate cruise, marine or hospitality experience to their consumers.

Cruise Logistics

Karinan Internamtional, we provide customized cruise ship supply chain solutions that meet the needs of your cruise fleet. Our team of journey logistics experts will support and service all areas of the supply chain, from suppliers and vendors to agents. By providing the best consulting, transportation, warehousing and technology services, we will ensure that we add value and visibility from source to ship. Our dedicated logistics specialists around the world will strive to serve cruise ships in port, including docks and new-builds, in a timely and cost-effective manner to keep routes open. Tourism works as planned. Learn more about how we're helping the travel industry recover from COVID19 here

Marine Logistics

Karinan International has developed a unique structure that benefits the entire maritime industry. Our proven global infrastructure provides a wide range of solutions to meet all shipping requirements for shipyards, ship management companies, ship owners and more. The marine logistics team always meets deadlines by combining international shipping, chartering, specialized handling and warehousing solutions to deliver marine spare parts to the right place at the right time.

Hospitality Logistics

The Karinan International team is passionate about delivering adaptive supply chain solutions; we work with many of the biggest hotel, restaurant and resort brands in the hospitality industry to oversee renovations, installations, liquidations and more, with one-stop logistics support. Our hospitality professionals will understand your business needs to provide highly coordinated transportation, warehousing and project management solutions. Using our global network of offices and advanced technology, we are able to perform multisite refreshes with the same precision as a single install on a product.