Our strong competitiveness relies on our proven track record of high quality operations, a tradition maintained throughout our growing global network.

Consultation on Import - Export

The import and export process can be a maze for those who do not know the documentation, modes of transport and various tasks associated with moving goods from one country to another. Even for an experienced importer / exporter, this can only be a problem. That is why Karinan International provides consulting services to our clients. Our import / export consultants work on every aspect of the business and help not only advise importers and exporters, but also provide customs brokerage and documentation services. A little advice can help you keep your international business afloat with small road bumps.


Standard cargo insurance offers cover the transport of goods and their storage on the way. However, coverage is not only important at the actual shipping stage. Items may also be found in storage locations other than the normal shipping rate. That's why Karinan International offers an insurance plan that covers your belongings while being stored at all times.


With thousands of square feet of warehouse space at major locations across India, our range of warehousing services enables our clients to reduce overhead costs, increase efficiency and reduce valuable management time. Our reliable data collection and reporting systems ensure accurate information and visibility of inventory and order processing using modern Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), which can be customer interface.


Cargo packaging is one of the most important aspects of modern business. The cartridges must be packed in such a way that they are not only protected from damage by improper handling, but must also be compact. If the cargo package is large, then the larger space to be consumed will attract more space, ie the volume will also be more expensive.

door-to-door delivery

Karinan International provides door-to-door delivery services to customers who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs and reduce the risk of product loss or damage, while focusing on their core business. Karinan International can reduce the number of days outside your supply chain and deliver items directly to the desired destination.